Friday, September 19, 2008


Tonight, I was with my office friends. we dined together and after that we proceeded to the Bay walk. The bay walk is a 5000 sqm property that has been reclaimed. The reclamation site is situated at Times Beach. The place is now a prime destination, especially at night. The air is fresh and the wind is cold. The splash of the waves are like sounds in an orchestra playing a symphony. But the main attraction in the baywalk area is the stadning high Statue of David. This statue was build to serve as a landmark in the area. The statue has vacummed many controversies, especially in the local city hall. Some councilors consider this statue as an immoral figure in the area. Since it is near a motel, Queensland Hotel, the place where lovers would spend the night to express the greatest love for their partner. The Bay Walk park has a free admission to all. You can take pictures and dine at the nearby resto bar.

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