Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is Mr. Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar, 60, an Indian villager, displays his mustache in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad February 29, 2004. Badamsingh displayed his 12.5 feet long mustache on Sunday in Ahmedbad, which he said he has not cut for 22 years, in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World records.


Barrow, Alaska, a small town on the Arctic circle, is preparing for its annual "30 days of night," a period during the winter when the sun will not be seen. People who don't want to suffer the extended darkness leave for Fairbanks or other parts south. As the town gets ready, The Stranger (Ben Foster), rows ashore from a larger ship, then trudges towards Barrow. Once he arrives, he sets about sabotaging the town. He steals and destroys all the cell phones, destroys the town's only helicopter and kills all of the dogs.

Barrow's sheriff, Eben Oleson (Josh Hartnett) investigates these crimes. As he does so, he learns that his estranged wife, Stella (Melissa George), who moved out of town awhile ago, missed the last plane out of town and will have to spend the 30 day period in Barrow. Although they try to avoid one another, when Eben confronts The Stranger in the town diner, she helps subdue him and take him to the station house.

From the jail cell, The Stranger taunts Eben, Stella, Eben's teenage brother, Jake (Mark Rendell), and mother, telling them that death is coming for them. Just then, vampires attack the local telecommunications center and power supply, rendering the town dark and cut off from the outside world. Eben goes to the telecommunications center and finds the operator's head on a pike. He and Stella then go through town, trying to find the ones responsible for the gruesome crimes.

Meanwhile, the vampires, led by Marlow (Danny Huston) attack the town. Marlow speaks in an ancient, guttural language; the other vampires shriek. Unless they are shot in the head, bullets are useless against them, and they slaughter most of the town, including Eben's mother. Those who survive congregate in the diner. The vampires attack Eben and Stella but Beau (Mark Boone Junior), the local snowplow driver, rescues them. They too go to the diner. Everyone decides to go to the boarded up house of someone who had left town earlier that day. The house has a hidden attic where they will be able to hide. Marlow finds The Stranger in the jail and, taking mercy on him in thanks for his work on the vampires' behalf, kills him quickly. Marlow orders the vampires not to turn anyone into a vampire; they will slaughter the town and then disappear in order to preserve modern humanity's belief that vampires are the stuff of bad dreams and nothing more.

Over the next week, Eben, Stella, Jake and seven others stick it out in the attic. They fight about leaving but most stay; only Wilson and his senile father, Isaac, are lost. Eben ventures out to try to help a stray survivor and learns that beheading the vampires will kill them. When a blizzard hits, Eben and the others use the whiteout conditions to make it to the general store. There, a young girl vampire attacks them, wounding one of them. The whiteout conditions end, preventing them from making it back to the abandoned house. Eben decides everyone should go to the station house. He will provide a diversion by running to his mother's house. She grew marijuana and has an ultraviolet lighting system. Eben makes it to the house, turns on the generator and turns the light on the vampires who have followed him. It hideously burns one, forcing Marlow to kill her. Eben escapes the house but the vampires are in pursuit. Beau comes to the rescue again, killing many of the vampires with his plow. He crashes into a hotel and then ignites a box of dynamite, hoping to incinerate the vampires. His ploy is unsuccessful but it gives Eben the time to make it to the station house. There, the wounded member turns into a vampire. With some shred of his humanity left, he asks Eben to behead him. Eben complies.

Two more weeks pass. Stella and Eben see someone signaling them from across the street. It is Billy (Manu Bennett), Eben's deputy. Eben and Stella make it to Billy's house. When the vampires attacked, he killed his wife and daughters but couldn't bring himself to commit suicide. Stella and Eben take him back to the station house. There they learn that the others have made it to the utilidor, a power station that controls the oil pipeline, the only structure that still has power. Eben, Stella and Billy begin to sneak towards the utility door. Stella stops to rescue a young girl who is being stalked by a vampire. Eben and Billy try to distract the vampire while Stella gets the girl to safety. Instead, Billy and Eben are separated. They both eventually make it to the utilidor, but a vampire follows Billy.

Eben is happy to see the rest of the survivors have made it alive. The vampire attacks Billy, ripping into his neck and cutting off his hand. When the vampire attacks Eben, Billy knocks it into the gears of the utilidor's pump, disintegrating it. Eben then kills Billy before he can turn into a vampire.

The sun is due to rise in a few hours. The vampires decide to incinerate the town to cover their tracks. Stella radios to Eben that she and the young girl are hiding under an abandoned truck, the flames rapidly approaching them. Realizing he cannot beat the vampires as a human, Eben injects himself with Billy's infected blood so he can fight them as a vampire. He and Marlow fight a vicious battle and Eben wins. Leaderless, the other vampires disappear.

Stella takes Eben to watch the dawn. She holds him in her arms as he is incinerated.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yesterday was a day of chaos. A bomb exploded in a known mall in Makati City. It was the start of the sale period of the said mall. I am just curious about the person who placed the bomb there and allow it to explode. Is that person in worthy to be called a person at all?

It is just unexpected that incident, such as this, would happen in this time where it is already near Christmas. It is really ironic to the season the is fast approaching and that is Christmas. Many were hit by the splinters of the blast and bodies are still counting in the morgue.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I don't partner my fried food with vinegar. For me by dipping the food into the vinegar, changes the taste of the food. Altering the taste leaves the food undesirable to eat.
Recently, my brother arrived from Iligan City. Along with him is their proud product called Pinakurat. Pinakurat is the name of the vinegar. At first, I was hesitant to taste the vinegar because of my previous notion about vinegar dipping. It is usually hot because of the incorporated spices to the vinegar making it's distinctive taste.
After I tasted the vinegar, it has always been partner of all my fried viand as a side dip. Taste it, you will love it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am sure that this fountain never existed. Nowadays, the fountain of youth is the clinics of dermatologist who would make one old person to a new and fresh looking kid or baby face looking.

The much known person in this field is Dr. Vicky Belo. Yes, she is the most known and respected in this field of beauty and even madness. Another is Dr. Manny Calayan and Pie Calayan. Husband and wife tandem.

So, if you think that your body isn't perfect to your eye, then, get to their clinics and be the best of who you are. But make sure you do have a deep pocket to pay for the professional fees of these well and highly respected doctors of dermatology. After the session, see tha change of the beautiful you.


I used to be very late in coming to school before. I remembered our prefect of discipline would let me write a jag. This was the phrase: hard work brings prosperity, playing around brings poverty. I have to write this phrase 1000 times before my clearance would be signed and allow me to take the final exam. The prefect of discipline would count it, making sure that I made them correctly.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Last Sunday, I was watching the movie Lord of the Ring - The return of the king. I already saw this movie before but I still can't stop my self from watching the movie again. The movie is about a ring that has been the center of the story. The ring possesses unmeasurable powers and such powers must be put into good hands or else, it will be the end of mankind.

The story was well directed and the fight scenes were superb. This is one of my most favorite movies that I love to watch over and over again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Are you addicted to coffee? I am a confessed coffeeholic. I would have 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day. As I was watching TV commercial about coffee, I discovered that a coffee makes the human metabolism faster compared to those non-drinkers and is good for the heart.

I really don't drink coffee before. When I started working, my office mates would invite me every break time to taste and have a coffee. I regularly declined those offers because I don't drink coffee. I would rather have a hot chocolate drink or water than to have a coffee.

Coffee for me is bad for the health. That is what I believed since my parents have already stopped drinking this black and bitter liquid. It was just recently that I felt that I have to try it out. At first, it was not that good. Then another cup, then another cup, a cup again, again another. Until I noticed that I cannot have a complete break without a cup of coffee. I become hooked to this black and tasty liquid.

Until now, coffee is already part of my daily routine. A day without a cup of coffee is just like living in a world without life. If all coffee drinkers be locked and be on trial, then may be I would be in the death row, guilty definitely.


I guess no body really knows about of me. Well, they say that I am strict and serious about life. Then they are wrong. I may be serious about life but it doesn't mean that I am a nerd and the type of person that has a finger friends. It means only ten friends.

I consider my self as a loose type of person and laughs when ever I have a problem, simple or complicated. The trick in life is to laugh all your problems out. Many people get deranged because they take life seriously.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Resshell Brian F. Rojas that is my name. It sounds like I am a girl but I'm not. Blogging has become my past time since I was given the idea of blogging by someone whom I saw before but I don't know her name.

We call her Chikai or Che-che as what she is called by her friends who has known her. She is a professional blogger and she lives here in my City, Davao that is. I would describe her in few words. She is an angel.

I hope many would get to know her and learn from her. She has many good ideas in her cute and witty mind. She is very much willing to share those ideas to all.

Well Chikai, Thank you for introducing me to this new found hobby of mine. And if I get hook or even addicted to this, you are the one to be blamed! See you around.