Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Are you addicted to coffee? I am a confessed coffeeholic. I would have 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day. As I was watching TV commercial about coffee, I discovered that a coffee makes the human metabolism faster compared to those non-drinkers and is good for the heart.

I really don't drink coffee before. When I started working, my office mates would invite me every break time to taste and have a coffee. I regularly declined those offers because I don't drink coffee. I would rather have a hot chocolate drink or water than to have a coffee.

Coffee for me is bad for the health. That is what I believed since my parents have already stopped drinking this black and bitter liquid. It was just recently that I felt that I have to try it out. At first, it was not that good. Then another cup, then another cup, a cup again, again another. Until I noticed that I cannot have a complete break without a cup of coffee. I become hooked to this black and tasty liquid.

Until now, coffee is already part of my daily routine. A day without a cup of coffee is just like living in a world without life. If all coffee drinkers be locked and be on trial, then may be I would be in the death row, guilty definitely.

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