Saturday, October 6, 2007


Resshell Brian F. Rojas that is my name. It sounds like I am a girl but I'm not. Blogging has become my past time since I was given the idea of blogging by someone whom I saw before but I don't know her name.

We call her Chikai or Che-che as what she is called by her friends who has known her. She is a professional blogger and she lives here in my City, Davao that is. I would describe her in few words. She is an angel.

I hope many would get to know her and learn from her. She has many good ideas in her cute and witty mind. She is very much willing to share those ideas to all.

Well Chikai, Thank you for introducing me to this new found hobby of mine. And if I get hook or even addicted to this, you are the one to be blamed! See you around.

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