Thursday, March 6, 2008


This the absolute easiest way to get started making easy money with your blog is by placing simple contextual ads in prominent places on your site. These are ads that even complete novice internet browsers will be familiar with, as they are found just about everywhere, and are usually "sponsored" by Google, Yahoo and an assortment of lesser known advertising brokers and clearinghouses.

The advantage in using contextual advertising to monetize your site is pretty simple and straightforward: You get paid on a simple user action, in this case, clicking on the ad! Obviously this is a pretty linear monetization model, the visitor to your site, once he or she clicks on the ad goes to the sponsoring advertiser's web site or offer, and you have no further "skin in the deal". In other words, if your visitor is not interested in reading or learning more about the ad they just clicked, and quickly navigates away from the advertisers landing page, you still get paid.

Many people have made an absolute avalanche of profits using these ads to monetize their sites. Google ads have made many people very rich, and many of these people have done nothing other than simply publish good quality information on topics they were already interested in, and simply profited from the complimentary ads that Google ( and Yahoo to a lesser degree) were placing on their sites! A win for the advertiser, publisher (YOU!) and the website visitor as well, who could surf and find good offers that matched his or her buying interests. Be a successful blogger in no time.

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