Thursday, March 6, 2008


The basic and most fun thing to do is create a unique name. The DOMAIN NAME simply reserves that word or string of names or, if you're witty, portmanteau. Here, you can begin to fail yourself horribly if you are not careful. Names for websites will find more success if they make sense with the content on the site. A site about news called is fairly obvious. Even though you think ZebraStripes or BWRedAllOver might be funny for the reference to the old riddle about newspapers, a name like that might counteract Search Engine Optimization and be too silly for your audience to take seriously enough to visit frequently.

Buying names is a sport for many people. If you have ever typed your last name into a web browser, you might find that it is parked at a search page or under construction page. Domain Name Parking is what happens when a name is owned, but has no used storage behind it. Owning the name alone DOES NOT get you the website.

Domain Names have to be parked somewhere which is commonly with a group called the REGISTRAR. They hold information about the name, the time the name has been active and when the permissions to have the name expire. Without the all important HOSTING, there nothing in a name, a Domain Name or URL is just a name.

It's very common for the HOSTING company to not be the REGISTRAR. Price wars benefit us in this way. With so much fantastic customer support, it's easy to have company ONE have the NAME registered and company TWO provide the storage behind the name. They would love ALL your business, but it's not mandatory.

When purchasing storage behind the name, or hosting, there are many baffling choices to make; or so it seems. As far as storage is concerned, Gigabytes in storage and Bandwidth are still the most important attributes. E-mails, forwarders, and other attributes are useful for more advanced website builders. One e-mail address with 250 Gigabytes of storage space and more bandwidth is more valuable to you than another company with 200 e-mail addresses and similar other attributes. Anyone can create free e-mail addresses by the bucket-full which helps peel out spam and junk.

So, in short, we have a name, a place to have that name parked, and storage space behind that name. We are set. It's really simple and DOMAIN RESELLERS, REGISTRARS and HOSTING PROVIDERS make it look terribly complex. What is complex is all the stuff you put in to that storage space; that will be the site that visitors see when they type in the URL or Domain Name you purchased.

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