Saturday, September 27, 2008


In this time, people should be smart enough and must have a business. That is why me and my friend went to a place where we want to have a small business. We are thinking of starting to have a small piggery. That is why we went to this place where we talked to someone who could help us achieve or dream piggery business.

The place was quite far and the road is unconventional. We have to cross a small stream or a river just to reach the place. The person that we wanted to talk to was the father of our co-employee who has the experience in taking care and growing of pigs. The place was dark and electricity is still non-existing in the place. I saw the pens and it were still in condition but the problem was that the location has no running water, especially clean one. Right there I can see that the place is not conducive to start a piggery since the basic elements are not there. besides Jerry's father declined to our offer.

After chatting for a awhile and talking about our plan, it was time to leave the location. We have to walk through huge stones and running water just to climb the upper area for our ride. Well we didn't get want we were looking for but still we are confident that we will be able to find a location suitable for our business.

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