Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The free trip planners are of great help if you have first hand information on the kind of trip you are headed to. Whether it is a simple car trip or the simple road trip, it pays to plan well in advance before you actually start the trip. When you know what to expect, your travel becomes much more enjoyable and pleasant to anticipate. The trips basically fall into two categories in a broad way; it is either for the business or for the pleasure. Whatever may be the nature and goals of the trip, an advance planning shall make your travel experience more enjoyable and memorable and you may feel like renewing the plan to visit again due to the initial success of the former. It is highly lamenting that people huddle their family onto the car and drive for constant long hours without actually a proper road map or knowing the stop destinations in advance. They, thus, do not stop at a fast food joint to refresh their kids and snack in between. As a result, they eventually arrive totally worn out from the long drive, difficult highway driving, deplorable food and road rage experiences.

Traveling with the children is great fun as they can be handed the road map of the surrounding geography and can follow the route you take. Encourage the kids to bring their individual travel packs that should contain books and projects to keep their little brains ticking. With kids, travel time is much longer and you need to stop more as well as prepare and organize more than ever. Stop for playgrounds as indicated in the free trip planners. This will release the pent up energy of kids and motivate them to exercise in fresh air. Most parks have picnic facilities so that you revel in healthy and cheap meals, very good to taste.

It is best not to purchase items while traveling, update your checklist and include extensive packing checklist as a part of free trip planner. Printable activities for the kids, exclusively for such trips, may be downloaded from specific websites to keep the children engaged while traveling.

Scan out the free trip planner for interesting signs of picnic spots, lakes, historical markers and parks so that you can get off from the busy highway, take out and distribute the home packed lunch and stretch out to improve the blood circulation and simultaneously relax with the kids. A folding picnic table shall also be handy. If the travel is going to take some more days, remember to stuff the travel pack with ingredients of next day's picnic from the local market (where you plan to spend your night). Pack from the night your favorite juice in plastic bottles and refrigerate them in the freezer. Thus, the free trip planners are there to give you exclusive information on lodging and camping locations, driving time of your destination, mileage, gas stations nearby and where to contact in case of unforeseen emergencies like the breakdown of the car.

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