Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last month I was fortunate enough to be given a birthday gift that I will never forget. My rich uncle, who is residing in London, gave me an all-expense-paid trip in selected places particularly in Europe. My uncle already prepared my travel itinerary so that I would be delayed in touring the places that are listed in my travel itinerary. First in my tour destination is London. I have to select from the list of Cheap London Hotels that are available. My uncle did not booked the hotel because he was afraid that I would not like the hotel. That is why I was the one to select from the list of hotels. Booking for a hotel was really not difficult. I have been to so many places before and I always really on Cheaperthanhotels to get the hotel accommodation that I wanted. After depositing my bags at the hotel, I went immediately to the main street to see the Tower of London. London is known for it’s kings and queens. I visited the Windsor Castle. I stayed in London for three days.

Next in my itinerary was in Edinburgh. Just like in London, I selected from the Cheap Edinburgh Hotels for my accommodation. In Edinburgh, I went straight to the helicopter that was waiting for me. As we flew up in the sky, I was amazed by the breath-taking views of the highlands. I saw the Stirling Castle and the ground that surround the castle. I never imagined before that I would be able to see the castle. In my literature class, this castle was always mentioned. Now, I am seeing it personally. I stayed in Edinburgh for seven days before proceeding to my next location of my tour. I would say, the food in Edinburgh was fantastic.

Next in my travel itinerary was in Manchester. Just like in the previous locations, I made the booking for my accommodation and selected one of the Cheap Manchester Hotels that were listed. I visited the Bridgewater Hall and took some souvenir pictures of the place. Every time I travel, I always make sure that I have my camera for some pictures. I was supposed to stay In Manchester for five days but it was cut because my boss needs me in the office so badly. To end my tour, I visited the famous Manchester Cathedral and said some prayers for a safe journey home. My uncle was surprised that I did not complete the fifteen-day travel. But he promised me that there will be next time and that for me is a good sign. To book your accommodation, visit for easy and worry free hotel reservation.

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