Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last week, I spent the entire week touring and visiting my favorite place in the whole world and that is Paris. My fortune-rich uncle gave me an all-expense-paid trip to Paris. Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. No wonder, many lovers visit Paris.

I personally booked my stay and selected from the top Paris Hotels around. I did that by the Internet because it is fast and convenient on my part. Coming to Paris with me are my cousins and my two brothers. Since we are so many, I decided to book our stay with two hotels. I selected Residence Foch Paris for my cousins and for my brothers and me, we will be staying at the Villa d’Estrees Paris.

Before going to Paris, my uncle already prepared our itinerary of travel so that we will be able to appreciate the scenes and beauty of Paris without any time delay. First stop in my Paris Adventure is sightseeing at the famous Eiffel Tower. You cannot say that you have been to Paris without seeing the tower. My camera lacks the space to store the pictures because of the quantity taken. Good thing my ever-reliable brother brought his own camera as a spare in case an event happen. We also visited some shopping store and bought several gifts as remembrance of our tour. I bought shoes and some t-shirts. We move around the La Defense, the business district in Paris. At night we dined in a fancy restaurant.

In our last night in Paris, I was able to watch the Moulin Rouge Show. It was spectacular and worth watching again. The experience in Paris was worth a treasure for my companions and me. The good thing about our tour is that, we never spend any amount thanks to my uncle whose pockets are deep. You can easily book your stay in Paris just visit www.easytobook.com for more information.

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