Wednesday, June 4, 2008


John Mayer is a close friend of mine. We have been friends since grade school. Ever since, John always loves looking at automobiles. I remembered once he said to me that when we grow up he will buy a car and I will be the first one to see it. After we graduated in high school, our communication continued. We sometimes exchange mails and updates of our lives.

After graduating from college, I started my own business while John Mayer; my friend became an international artist in music and launched a career in showbiz. One morning I was shocked to see him in front of my office asking and looking for me. I never expected him to come to see me. When I saw him I immediately called his attention and he dragged me to the ground floor of my office. He was too much excited to let me see his first car. He told kept his promise that I will be the first one to see his first car. he told me to apply for a car loan with the help of because they provide the best auto loan rates in town compared to others. The car was a sports car and it looked very sporty and best fit for John, especially he is in the entertainment world. Having a car is a need and with the best auto loan rates, you can apply for an auto loan now. For more information about auto loan rates, visit

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