Sunday, June 1, 2008


This morning I witnessed my brother being assisted with in his quest in regaining his good reputation in the presence of the honorable judge in court. This is in connection with stolen identity. I would say I salute the team that lifelock provided for my brother. It was two years ago when my brother went to my investigation office. We were just talking about our future plans. I recommended to him to have a lifelock promotion code. I always recommend the lifelock promo code to my clients, especially those who always use their credit cards as payment for their items purchased. After I endorsed it to my brother, he immediately acquired one. Not knowing that after six months his identity was stolen from him. He already received several bills from a credit card company and he was even harassed by the phone to pay his outstanding loan, which my brother never applied for. He immediately informed Lifelock about what happen to him and there was an immediate action. They provided the best legal team to stand by with my brother in his quest in regaining his good reputation. After the court listened to the oral arguments, the honorable court immediately made a decision and that this my brother’s name shall not be tainted with this false accusations against him, rendering his good name back. For more information about the lifelock code, visit their website at

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