Thursday, May 1, 2008


These are some of the motorcycles that were displayed at the motor show held at Shoe Mart (SM). The motor show was sponsored by Yamaha.

The show is indeed a good way to introduce the motorcycles of Yamaha. The place was packed with spectators watching every motorcycles displayed in the Yamaha Show. The show was a week long event that exclusively featured modern and classic Yamaha motorcycles.

The super bike that you see on television was also brought to the show. Spectators were amazed when this machine was displayed. The body of this motorcycle is made up of carbon light weight material and the tires are marks for more gravity attraction on the ground.

Introducing the Yamaha Snipper motorcycle. It is already available in the market today. This motorcycle is the one that Yamaha countered against the Suzuki Raider 150. This Snipper has a mono shock absorber and designed to race. Be careful when you ride one of this becasue it will really blow you away( That's my creative opinion).

This super bike is a classic looking machine with a modern attitude. You don't go race with this because if you do, it will eat you alive.

This motorcycle captured a lot of eyes when it was displayed. Very ideal for city driving. It is much maneuverable compared to its bigger brothers in the show.

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