Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am working as an investigator. I have been doing this kind of work for the past seven years already. I have opened my personal office and maintained a number of clients. I am glad to have helped many people in solving their problems.

In the seven years of doing my job, the most challenging case that I handled was a case of stolen identity. Identity stealing happens very fast and the last person to know that he/she is already a victim of stolen identity. Identity thieves strike in places where you least expect and they are very good in stealing identities. They do this for their personal gain at your expense.

Yesterday, I was visited by a good friend of mine and asked me for an advice regarding his loans and credit card bills. I thought it was just a simple financial budgeting that can solve his problem. I verified the documents that he presented to me and my friend told me that he never applied for a loan and he never uses his credit card to pay for trips abroad. Immediately after knowing these things, I can concluded that my friend has been a victim of identity thieves.

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