Monday, May 26, 2008


Yesterday while I was at the nature park, I saw an old friend. He used to me client before. I was his financial consultant for two year before I moved to another city. His name is John and he owns several commercial establishments in the city where I used to stay. I approached him with a smile and said my hello. John was very surprised to see me and told me that he was trying to contact me but no avail. Aside from the financial consultancy, I am also an investigator. He told me about his problem because several financial institutions are calling him up and making follow up on payments for several loans. Aside form that John also told me that aside from the loans, he also receives several credit card bills on his name but he never had these cards with him. John also told me that his loan application with his bank was disapproved and the reason is that he has a poor credit rating and sited some unpaid loans. After hearing his story, I immediately told john that he has been victimized by identity thieves. Identity stealing is a rampant crime nowadays. To be protected against identity thieves, the trust name in providing identity protection code. The code that offers is the first line of defense against identity thieves. When you have a lifelock code by and your identity was stolen, will help you get your identity back and clean your good name. Lifelock will provide you with the best lawyers to appear in court and defend you until you regain your identity back. For more information visit their website at

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