Sunday, April 6, 2008


There are two oldest professions in the world. The first oldest profession is the Money Lending. This type of profession has become the foundation our society today, especially the business community. In this generation it is much known as credit. As they say “Credit makes the world what it is today”. Because of credit, businesses were established and the foundation of trust and confidence by the lending or much known as the creditor. The best example of this type of profession is the banks that are operating and extending loans to all people for business or personal loan. Because of the potential of this kind of profession, there are many small time and mid-scale lending institutions that are extending credit to those qualified people who wants to have a loan. Even in the Internet, there are so many sites that offer unsecured loans.

The second oldest profession is Prostitution. It is one of the oldest profession dated year back to the year of Christ. This type of profession continues to evolve. It used to be a woman’s profession and now, it is also a man’s profession. In an interview that I conducted to one lady prostitute, she never wanted to enter into this flesh selling business. It was just because she was the breadwinner of their family. Her father and mother are both jobless and rely on her to bring food on their table. In the morning she goes to school, she was in her tertiary level already, and in the evening she earns a living by being a street prostitute. In one night she accommodates around 5 and even 7 customers. And when the night is lean, 2 customers will do. Every customer pays 300++ pesos depending on the arrangements between the pimp and the customer. When the deal is closed, she performs the job as she was paid to do and that is to satisfy the customer. Not the entire amount that was agreed goes to her. In fact 30% of the agreed amount goes to the pimp that transacts with the customer. Each customer is given an hour or two depending on the arrangements. The age of the prostitutes nowadays are getting young. There are already 10-year-old prostitutes in the streets, waiting for their customers to arrive. Men are now also in the flesh trade business. They cater to those old ladies and gay men who are in need of short and temporary pleasure.

As the years go by, these professions continue to evolve and who knows, there will be additional features in these professions in the coming years. Let us wait and see.

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