Saturday, April 19, 2008


Manufacturers of IC.

A list of notable manufacturers; some operating, some defunct:

* Agere Systems (formerly part of Lucent, which was formerly part of AT&T)
* Agilent Technologies (formerly part of Hewlett-Packard, spun-off in 1999)
* Alcatel
* Altera
* AMD (Advanced Micro Devices; founded by ex-Fairchild employees)
* Analog Devices
* ATI Technologies (Array Technologies Incorporated; acquired parts of Tseng Labs in 1997; in 2006, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMD)
* Atmel (co-founded by ex-Intel employee)
* Broadcom
* Commodore Semiconductor Group (formerly MOS Technology)
* Cypress Semiconductor
* Fairchild Semiconductor (founded by ex-Shockley Semiconductor employees: the "Traitorous Eight")
* Freescale Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola)
* Fujitsu
* Genesis Microchip
* GMT Microelectronics (formerly Commodore Semiconductor Group)
* Hitachi, Ltd.
* Horizon Semiconductors
* IBM (International Business Machines)
* Infineon Technologies (formerly part of Siemens)
* Integrated Device Technology
* Intel (founded by ex-Fairchild employees)
* Intersil (formerly Harris Semiconductor)
* Lattice Semiconductor
* Linear Technology
* LSI Logic (founded by ex-Fairchild employees)
* Maxim Integrated Products
* Marvell Technology Group
* Microchip Technology Manufacturer of the PIC microcontrollers
* MicroSystems International
* MOS Technology (founded by ex-Motorola employees)
* Mostek (founded by ex-Texas Instruments employees)
* National Semiconductor (aka "NatSemi"; founded by ex-Fairchild employees)
* Nordic Semiconductor (formerly known as Nordic VLSI)
* Nvidia (acquired IP of competitor 3dfx in 2000; 3dfx was co-founded by ex-Intel employee)
* NXP Semiconductors (formerly part of Philips)
* ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola)
* Parallax Inc.Manufacturer of the BASIC Stamp and Propeller Microcontrollers
* PMC-Sierra (from the former Pacific Microelectronics Centre and Sierra Semiconductor, the latter co-founded by ex-NatSemi employee)
* Renesas Technology (joint venture of Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric)
* Rohm
* Samsung Electronics (Semiconductor division)
* STMicroelectronics (formerly SGS Thomson)
* Texas Instruments
* Toshiba
* TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. semiconductor foundry)
* VIA Technologies (founded by ex-Intel employee) (part of Formosa Plastics Group)
* Volterra Semiconductor
* Xilinx (founded by ex-ZiLOG employee)
* ZiLOG (founded by ex-Intel employees) (part of Exxon 1980–89; now owned by TPG)

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