Saturday, April 5, 2008


As the world wide web grows thousands of gigabytes per day, the need for domain name becomes essential. If you are just budding to get your own domain name, as I have done several weeks past, try to remember these key questions in selecting the best domain registration:

1. Is this domain name that I wish to register reflects to the kind product/services I am offering? People tend to view the general category of the product when browsing them in the internet. If you had already successfully maintained a brand name or corporate image, be sure to get them. This will improve your search engine optimization (SEO) while implying the image you are projecting. If you can't get the domain name you think is the best one for your sites, you may want to get "" if your site is from the Philippines, or any.

2. Is the domain name selected simple? Remove any signs like hyphen, dash and asterisk and other possible fonts or signs that would make it seem too complex to input. Be sure that the name selected is short, simple and easy to remember. Name recall is the name of the game here.

3. Is the selected domain name almost similar to other sites? Simplicity and shortness of the name plays a crucial role in your selection. Avoid selecting domain names which are almost similar to what you are expecting. Much more avoid company owned brands and corporate image or you'll suffer trademark and other legal problems in the future.

4. Is your domain name viable for your long term plan? Identify your future plans for your site and integrate it to your site. As soon as you get regular browsers who look for your brand, keep it. Since you are just renting it from a provider, avoid your domain registration from expiring.

5. Is your domain registration site accredited? Avoid being scammed. Be sure to select legitimate and accredited online sites who can sell domains. I recommend that you check and search for domain registration site which offers cheap domain names that you want.

Any form of existence starts with a name. Keep them securely. Like your name, domain name is your identity.

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