Monday, February 11, 2008


With the internet growing larger each day so has the risk of your pc becoming infected with spyware as you continuously surf the web. Now most people know that there are many free spyware removal tools available for download on the internet that will automatically scan and remove any infections your operating system may have, but how many people actually know what spyware is and how it can infect your computer.

Spyware is simply defined as any piece of software which installs or harvests itself onto your windows operating system without your immediate awareness and is designed to discreetly monitor your surfing activities and steal information. These infections most commonly come from software downloads which may be bundled with infectious files, email attachments and from surfing websites which trigger background installations without your awareness. The information it can gain access to and steal includes banking details, username and passwords, email addesses and other information related to your websites surfed which is then relayed to distant users who use it for advertising purposes. Due to the fact that spyware infections infect various different and important system files on your computer the only way to successfully remove it is to use a free spyware removal program which will quarantine any potential threats you may have.

Spyware can also hack security settings in internet explorer and lower them which will make your pc more vulnerable of receiving infections. Some of the most common symptoms associated with spyware infections include severe speed degradation, deleted desktop shortcuts, browser redirecting, changing of start up homepage and poor functionality.

Xoftspyse is my personal recommendation as the best free spyware removal program which has continued to gain huge popularity because of its solid virus removal abilities. If you would like to download the latest free version in their website.


TyVa said...

XoftSPy SE is agood anti-spyware, very strong one, but unfortunately anti-spyware only is not enough. For example you can get a virus, that will have a trojan. The trojan can have a keylogger, etc. So you also need anti-virus and anti-keylogging protection plus it is will be good to install a firewall. so in addition to XoftSpy I recommend to install the following:Zone Alarm Pro(, Privacy Keyboard(, Norton Anti-Virus(

Anonymous said...

Well Said, yes we can also get a virus that will have trojan.


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